User signup options

Discover the straightforward and secure signup options for the Inkit platform and Inkit Render

In this topic, you'll learn about the Inkit platform registration and signup options.

The intended audience for this topic is those who are new to Inkit.

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Registration and external sign-in options

Everyone can sign up to the Inkit platform by using their email address. But, you can also sign in using one of three external identity providers.

All sign-in options use industry-standard authentication protocols. Meaning your credentials are safe and secure.

Additionally, signing in through Google, GitHub, or Microsoft makes for a simple, secure, user-friendly experience.

So whether you sign up by email or through one of your social identity providers, you are guaranteed the highest security.

After successful registration or sign-in, you can access the Inkit platform and your user account, including immediate access to Inkit's services.

In short, users register with their email address or sign in through a secure external identity provider.

Sign in to Inkit

You can only sign in through the same identity provider with which you signed up. This means if you registered with your email address, then you can only sign in with your email address.

The same principle applies to signing up through external identity providers. Like, say GitHub. Sign up through GitHub, and you can only sign in through GitHub.

This principle is uniform across all signup options.

At the moment, the Inkit platform provides three external identity providers:

  • Google Sign-In (Sign in with Google)
  • Microsoft Identity Platform (Sign in with Microsoft)
  • GitHub (Sign in with GitHub)

We recommend you choose the identity provider with which you are most comfortable. Be it Google, Microsoft, or your email address.

Most users prefer to use the standard provider of their organization.

Signing in with external identity providers

Whether you sign in with Google, Microsoft, or GitHub, the process is similar for each provider. On the Inkit sign-in page, select the “Sign in with X” option, where “X” is your chosen identity provider.

When you choose an external identity provider, they manage your user credentials and signup process.

For more specific information about Google Sign-In, Microsoft Identity Platform, or GitHub secure authenticator, we recommend you to read their documentation.

Signing into Inkit's Direct Mail Service

Click on the "Direct Mail Sign In" button at the bottom of the form.


Disconnect Inkit from your signed-in apps

Want to remove Inkit from your external identity provider? Go into your external identity provider user account. Browse to the specific permissions & security page of your provider, and remove Inkit.

For Google, refer to this link:

For Microsoft’s Identity Platform, refer to:

For Github, refer to this article in their documentation: