Shield Development

Development for Shield is approaching the beta phase.

Flows & New Integrations


Various Updates

  1. Updates to the permissions and default roles
  2. Performance updates
  3. Updates to the user and role settings page
  4. Enhanced document tracking

Various Updates

Updates to the UI:

Docusign & Salesforce Integration

  • Sending files back to Salesforce
  • Docusign integration for HTML, DOCX, PDF templates
  • small home page design update
  • dashboard update

Template & Dashboard Page Updates

  • Template UI overhaul

Apps Page Updates

Apps page has been redesigned

API Update

API update. We are splitting up Renders and Documents. Renders represent a document generation flow and Documents represent the actual document. Our API has been massively updated to reflect this change. Our old routes will be supported through Feb 17th

Template Destinations

Customers can define what 3rd party services to send documents to with clicks. Inkit Storage and Sepire Mail are the inaugural services, with many more planned in the future.

Template Versioning Added

Template version history is now visible. By clicking "Version History" on a selected template you can now see a timeline of updates to your template. Old versions can be marked as the active version. New versions can be created from older versions