List Folders

Lists private folders in Inkit Storage

Endpoint URLSDK Method

Request properties

pageIntegerNoThe page of the list you want to pull. The default is 1.
page_sizeIntegerNoThe number of records to pull per page. The default is 25.
sortStringNoThe sort key. If the key is preceded with a -, the request will sort the records in descending order. Otherwise it will sort in ascending order.
searchStringNoThe search key. The request will only return records with this key.

Response properties

itemsObject[]An array of folders.
metadataObjectMetadata relating to the list.


created_atStringThe date and time the folder was created.
created_byObjectThe user or API key that created the folder.
descriptionStringThe description of the folder.
idStringThe ID of the folder.
nameStringThe name of the folder.
updated_atStringThe date and time the folder was updated.


first_nameStringThe first name of the user who generated the folder.
last_nameStringThe last name of the user who generated the folder.
nameStringThe name of the API key that generated the folder.

Example request and response

# Import the Inkit Python package
import inkit
from inkit.exceptions import InkitResponseException
# Import json package
import json

# Replace the string below with your API key
inkit.api_token = "ENTER YOUR API KEY"

   # Get all folders
   resp = inkit.Folder.list()
   # Print the repsonse code of the API call
   print(json.dumps(dict(, indent = 3))
except InkitResponseException as err:
   # Print any error
// Import the Inkit Node.js package
const Inkit = require("inkit");

// Replace the string below with your API key
Inkit.apiToken = "ENTER YOUR API KEY";

// Call list folder

// List folders
async function listFolders() {
    try {
        const result = await Inkit.Folder.list();
        // Print the JSON response of the API call
        console.log(JSON.stringify(, null, 3));
    } catch (error) {
        // Print any error
        console.error(error.response.status, error.response.statusText);
   "items": [
         "created_at": "Thu, 13 Jul 2023 15:20:29 GMT",
         "created_by": {
            "first_name": "John",
            "id": 11034,
            "last_name": "Doe",
            "name": "Default"
         "description": null,
         "id": "fold_6UpetHRzr73eyl4jCbfYBl",
         "name": "Render",
         "updated_at": "Thu, 13 Jul 2023 15:20:29 GMT"
   "metadata": {
      "pagination": {
         "current_page": 1,
         "next_page": null,
         "page_count": 1,
         "page_size": 25,
         "prev_page": null,
         "total_count": 1
      "sort": {
         "key": "updated_at",
         "order": 1