Creating PDF templates

PDF templates let you generate merged documents using standard PDF files. With a PDF template and a set of data you provide, you can take the following PDF:

And generate this from it:

Creating a PDF template

To create a PDF template, do the following:

  1. In the Inkit web app, click Templates in the left sidebar and then click + Create.

  2. In the Create Template page, select PDF as the File Type of the template, enter the Template Name and an optional Description, and click Click or Drag a File to Area to Upload and select the source PDF file (or drag the file onto it).

    Then click Next.

  3. Embed fields into the template.

  4. Click Save.

Embedding fields into a PDF template

A PDF template lets you embed the following::

Once you've learned how to embed fields, you are ready to build a full-featured PDF template and generate a document from it.


Note: You cannot add conditional statements or lists to a PDF template.