Creating DOCX templates

DOCX templates let you generate merged documents from standard Microsoft Word files. With a DOCX template and a set of data you provide, you can take the following Word document:

And generate this from it:

Creating a DOCX template

To create a DOCX template, do the following:

  1. In Microsoft Word (or a similar word processor capable of creating DOCX files), open or create a DOCX file and embed fields into it.

  2. In the Inkit web app, click Templates in the left sidebar and then click + Create.

  3. In the Create Template page, select DOCX from the File Type dropdown box, enter the Template Name and an optional Description, and click Click or Drag a File to Area to Upload and select the DOCX file that you previously created (or drag the file onto it).

    Then click Save.

Embedding fields into a DOCX template source

A DOCX template lets you embed the following:

Once you've learned how to embed fields into your template, you are ready to build a full-featured DOCX template and generate a document from it.