Generating documents using the Inkit web app

Generating documents using the Inkit web app is a good way of generating a single document or testing a template that you created.

To generate a document from a template using the Inkit web app, do the following:

  1. In the Inkit web app, select Documents in the left sidebar. Then click + Create and select Document from the dropdown list.

  2. In the Create Document page, select a template that you want to use to generate the document and click Continue.

  3. In the New Document panel, enter a Name of the document and an optional Description and click Continue.

  4. In the Fill Out Destinations panel, enter the data that you will inject into your document in Your Data and click Generate Document.

    The document job will then enter the Inkit queue. Wait a few seconds for it to complete and refresh the page.

  5. To view your generated document, double-click on it.

  6. Your generated document will display in the document viewer.