Inkit permissions

When adding or editing roles in Inkit, you can assign the roles permissions, which have the following rights:

Document Generation

Render DocumentsGenerate new documents
Delete TemplateDelete Inkit templates
Retrieve DocumentDownload generated documents
View RendersView generated documents
Create TemplateCreate Inkit templates
Delete DocumentDelete generated documents
Update TemplateEdit Inkit templates
Upload DocumentUpload documents


Create FoldersCreate new folders
Update FoldersEdit folders
Delete FoldersDelete folders
Edit Account InfoEdit Inkit account information
Manage Users & RolesManage users and roles
Web App NavigatorUse Inkit web app
View Events & Audit TrailView the audit trail and events
Manage Billing and PlansManage Inkit billing and plans
Manage AppsAdd and remove Inkit apps


Manage WebhooksAdd and remove Inkit webhooks
Manage API KeysAdd, generate and remove API keys