Inkit permissions

When adding or editing roles in Inkit, you can assign the roles permissions, which have the following rights:

Document Generation Permissions

Generate DocumentsCan generate new documents
Delete TemplateCan delete templates
Retrieve DocumentCan download generated documents
View Launched FlowsCan view details of previously launched flows
Modify TemplateCan create and edit templates
Delete DocumentCan delete generated documents
Upload DocumentCan upload documents
View TemplatesCan view templates
View DocumentsCan view generated documents
Launch FlowsCan launch flows
Modify FlowsCan create and edit flows
View FlowsCan view flows
Delete FlowsCan delete flows

General Permissions

Modify FoldersCan create and edit folders
Delete FoldersCan delete folders
Edit Account InfoCan edit Inkit account information
Manage Users & RolesCan manage users and roles
Web App NavigatorCan use Inkit web app
View Events & Audit TrailCan view the audit trail and events
Manage Billing and PlansCan manage Inkit billing and plans
Manage AppsCan add and remove Inkit apps
View ChartsCan view the Charts section of the Dashboard

Developer Permissions

Manage WebhooksCan add and remove Inkit webhooks
Manage API KeysCan add, generate and remove API keys