Using audit logs

Audit logs let you track important events in Inkit. You can track events in the Inkit web app or you can build your own auditing system using webhooks, tracking only the events you're interested in.

To view the audit trail in the Inkit web app, select Settings in the left sidebar and click the Security tab. By default, the latest 25 Inkit events will display in the Audit Trail panel.

You can change the number of events displayed by selecting the number from the Show dropdown box.

You can display more events by clicking Load More.

The following event details display:

EventThe name of the event that occurred.
User/APIThe user or API key that triggered the event.
Resource IDThe ID of the Inkit resource related to the event.
LocationThe geographical location where the event occurred.
Date/TimeThe date and time the event occurred.

You can also apply filters to the events, to view only a specific set of events based on the following criteria:

DateA range of event dates.
UserA set of users.
EventA set of events.
APIA set of API keys.
WebhookA webhook.

To apply a set of filters to the events, do the following:

  1. Click Filters.

  2. Select any combination of filters.

    • Input a date range in the Date fields.
    • Select a set of users from the User dropdown box.
    • Select a set of events from the Event dropdown box.
    • Select a set of API keys from the API dropdown box.
    • Select a webhook from the Webhook dropdown box.

    Finally, click Apply Filters.