Adding merge fields to a PDF template

A merge field is a placeholder that you put in your PDF template, which Inkit will later replace with actual data that you provide in your merge parameters when generating a document.

To add a merge field to a PDF, do the following:

  1. Select a PDF file that you want to use as the basis of your template. For example purposes, we will use an I-9 form from the US Internal Revenue Service.

  2. In the Inkit web app, click Templates in the left sidebar and then click + Create.

  3. In the Create Template page, select PDF from the File Type dropdown box. Then enter I-9 in the Template Name field and an optional description of the template in the Description field. Finally, click Click or Drag a File to Area to Upload and select the i-9-paper-version.pdf that you previously downloaded from the IRS.

    Then click Next.

  4. In the PDF Editor, choose the page of the PDF that you want to add a field to and click Add Merge Field.

  5. In the Name Merge Field dialog box, enter Last in the Merge Field and click Continue. Please note that you can only enter alphanumeric characters in the Merge Field as well as _ and -.

  6. Drag the field that you just created to an appropriate spot on the PDF. You can resize it by dragging one of the four corners of it.

To see merge fields in action, check out how to build a full-featured PDF template.