Inkit webhook events

Inkit lets you generate webhooks to the following events:

Document Generation FailedDOCUMENT_CREATE_FAILEDA document failed to generate.
Document GeneratedDOCUMENT_CREATE_FINISHEDA document was generated.
Document DeletedDOCUMENT_DELETEDA document was deleted.
Document File ViewedDOCUMENT_PDF_ACCESSA generated PDF was viewed.
DocuSign FailedDOCUSIGN_CREATE_FAILEDThe DocuSign request failed.
Docusign Out For SignaturesDOCUSIGN_CREATE_FINISHEDThe DocuSign request was successfully made.
Folder CreatedFOLDER_CREATEDA folder was created.
Folder DeletedFOLDER_DELETEDA folder was deleted.
Magic Link AccessMAGIC_LINK_ACCESSA Magic Link was opened.
Magic Link Access FailedMAGIC_LINK_ACCESS_FAILEDAn unauthorized user tried opening a Magic Link.
Magic Link Create FailedMAGIC_LINK_CREATE_FAILEDA Magic Link failed to generate or its email was not sent.
Magic Link CreatedMAGIC_LINK_CREATEDA Magic Link generated successfully.
Sepire FailedMAIL_CREATE_FAILEDThe sending of a generated document to Sepire failed.
Sepire FinishedMAIL_CREATE_FINISHEDThe sending of a generated document to Sepire finished.
Render Create FailedRENDER_CREATE_FAILEDA step in the generation of a document failed.
Render Create FinishedRENDER_CREATE_FINISHEDAll steps in the generation of a document finished.
Render Metadata AccessedRENDER_METADATA_ACCESSMetadata of a generated document was accessed.
Saleforce FailedSALESFORCE_CREATE_FAILEDA Salesforce delivery failed.
Salesforce DeliveredSALESFORCE_CREATE_FINISHEDThe link or file was sent to Salesforce successfully.


Note: you use event codes when processing webhooks.