Setting up the Salesforce app in Inkit

The Salesforce app in the Inkit web app lets you send documents generated in Inkit to Salesforce.

To set up the Salesforce app, do the following:

  1. In the Inkit web app, select Apps from the left sidebar and click Salesforce.

  2. In the Salesforce page, you can connect your Salesforce production environment and/or your sandbox environment. The process is the same for both. Click Connect Account beside the environment you want to connect.

  3. Log into Salesforce, and in the Allow Access? page, click Allow.

  4. In the Salesforce page, click Activate beside the environment you want to activate.

    In the Activate Salesforce dialog box, click Confirm.


Note: You can activate both a Salesforce production environment and a Salesforce sandbox environment.

Once you've set up the Salesforce app, you can use Salesforce as a destination of documents you generate, including those you generate through flows and API calls.