Embedding DocuSign fields in a DOCX template

Using the DocuSign app, you can embed the following DocuSign fields in your DOCX template:

  • Signatures
  • Initials
  • Date Signed fields

To embed a DocuSign field in your DOCX template, do the following:

  1. Set up the DocuSign app.

  2. Create an DOCX template.

  3. Enter a DocuSign field by including the field name and appending a signer number using dot notion. You can choose from the following fields:

    DocuSign FieldDescription
    docu_signatureA signature that the signer will input.
    docu_initialsA set of initials that the signer will input.
    docu_datetimeA date and time that the signer will input.

    For example:



Note: As DocuSign will stamp its data over DocuSign fields and not replace them, it is important to make the color of DocuSign fields match the background color of your document (as shown above.) So if background color of your document is white, you should set the text color of the DocuSign fields to white.


Note: Unlike when embedding other template fields, you don't embed DocuSign fields between double-curly brackets.