Letter templates

This topic describes letter templates. You can send letters using HTML, by uploading a PDF/HTML file, or by inserting a URL.

Letter Address Placement

Inkit's Print & Mail service uses US-sized letters and includes address placement. Address placement is always located in the top, upper left-hand corner. The address information will show through the double-window envelope. Options for address placement are top_first_page and insert_blank_page .

By default, Inkit selects the top_first_page , meaning Inkit will print address information at the top of the first page you've provided. Our US letter template shows how this will impact your design.

If you select insert_blank_page , a blank address page will be inserted at the beginning of your file. This blank page will be a stand-alone, one-sided cover page. An additional charge will be applied for the extra page.

The letter address placement has the following dimensions: 3.15in w x 2in h , placed 0.625in from the left edge and 0.5in from the top edge .


Letter Margin


Inkit's Print & Mail product's US sized letter includes its own margin area. It's important to account for this margin area during the letter creation process.

For an 8.5” x 11” Sheet , the safe zone to include text is 8.4375” x 10.9375” , leaving a 1/32” margin on both sides. There is also a small bar code on the bottom left-hand side of the page used to identify pages see template.

Return Address

A return address is required for letters. You can update your return address under your settings page or by passing address fields with return_ prefix for letter-webhook. See more details here.


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