Discover why connected apps can better your DocGen flows

This documentation topic will inform you about what you can do with connected apps, the limitations they have, and how they can further boost the usefulness of Inkit’s document generation platform to your organization.

What do connected apps do?

Connected apps are integrations between your favorite services like Sepire (an on-demand paper printer and sender), Box, DocuSign, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. You can use connected apps as destinations – to send documents to – or as data sources to fill out templates with. You can also use connected apps to sign the documents you generate.

Setting up and configurating your apps

Setting up Box as a connected app is different than setting up Sepire. Each integration has its own specific process to complete the integration. Fortunately, it’s easy. If you get stuck, we’re happy to tell you that we have documentation with stepwise instructions to make the process frictionless.

Also, you can email our support team any time if you need help with troubleshooting.

Manual set up

Most connected apps have easy, digital integrations, but some services ask you to fill out and send a manual form. Sepire, a printer and mail sender integrates only with your organization when complete the manual form.

Stepwise instructions for each connected app

Integrations sound like a lot of work. But connected apps make the process easy.

In the web-app ( open the sidebar, and click on the “Apps” tab and select the app you want to connect your Inkit environment with.

For detailed instructions, click on one of the guides below.