Adding Apps to Inkit

You can extend Inkit's functionality by installing apps. The following apps are currently available:

AppPro Plan RequiredDescription
Inkit StorageNoLets you generate and organize your documents in our secure cloud storage. This app is installed by default.
Magic LinkNoLets people outside your organization view generated documents.
SalesforceNoLets you send generated documents to Salesforce.
DocuSignNoLets you embed DocuSign fields into your document templates and process them in generated documents.
SepireYesLets you send generated documents to Sepire for printing and delivering.

To add an app to Inkit, in the Inkit web app click App Shop from the left sidebar and select the app you want to install from the Apps You May Like panel. Then follow the instructions for the individual app, which you can find by clicking on the app in the above table.

After you install the app, it will display in the My Apps panel.