Automatically install into templates document expiration rules

Welcome to this documentation article where you will learn how to automatically set retention rules for your templates. You will learn how to specify if any generated document from a template should expire after a number of views or on a specific date.

To complete this guide, check if you match the Prerequisites.


  • You have made a template in your Inkit environment
  • You know what document retention is about and understand how you can expire documents based on views or on a specific date and time.

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Make template-generated documents follow your standardized retention rules

Login to your Inkit environment at and navigate to the Templates tab. You can find the tab in the sidebar on the left.


From the template item-rows, find the template you want to install into your retention rules. Click on the three dots on the right-side ( "..." ).


In the template editing screen, you will see a section called "Destinations". Click on the gear icon on the Inkit Storage tile.


In the storage destination settings you can turn on expiration after a number of views or on a specific time. In the next two sections we will show how both work.

Expire on a specific date and time

If you want to expire all documents generated from this template after a specified time, then turn this slider on.


Next: Specify the amount of time you want this document to exist for. You can choose minutes, hours, days, months, and years.

We decided for 7 years in this example, a commonly-used expiration rule for documents made in regulated industries.


Press save on the storage settings screen and then press save again in the template editing screen to confirm your changes.

Expire after a number of views

If you want to expire your document after a specified number of views, then turn this slider on.


Then, specify how many times this document can be viewed before deletion. In this example we chose 1 view to create a often-used retention rule: The single-view document. Of course you can choose a bigger number.

Make sure to press save in the Inkit Storage Settings menu and then save in the template editing menu.