Flows & New Integrations


Flows are configurable, no-code automation for accelerating document processes. The main components of a flow are the launch type, templates, and destinations.

The launch type is a document generation event like an API call or Fillable Form submission

After choosing a launch type, the customer can add many templates to a flow. The templates will be rendered into PDFs, appended into one document, and shipped to the flow's destinations. More than 1 destination can be selected here.

New Document Destinations::

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon s3
  • Google Drive

API Key Create Flow Updated

  • API key creation process is streamlined. After clicking create API Key is immediately provided

Salesforce Sandbox Support Added

  • Salesforce integration now supports sending documents to Salesforce Sandbox Environments

New Spinner

Magic Links UI Streamlined

  • Fewer fields are displayed immediately when sharing with the magic link

Permission Update

  • Consolidated permissions
  • Better UX when a user is missing a permission

PDF and HTML editor UI update

  • Matches the overall style of our app
  • The HTML editor takes up the whole screen and only displays the preview when the button is pressed

File extensions added to file names