Get a quick walkthrough of Inkit and how it works.

5 minute tutorial

Inkit comes with a prebuilt demonstration page to help you get started in minutes.

Getting started

  1. Create a new account at https://app.inkit.com/signup with Google, Github, Microsoft, or username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Demo page, or to the product you wish to implement. Follow the instructions there to get started integrating Inkit into your application



Optionally give your Render a name. Navigate to the HTML editor to implement your custom HTML code. Otherwise, choose from one of the available pre-built sample templates to preview what your rendered PDF will look like.

Hit the "Start Render" button to begin the preview process. From here you'll also be able to easily copy and paste the API request for use in your application.

Saving templates

Optionally from the demo page, you may want to save your generated code as a template. Simply click on the "Save as Template" button, type in the name of your template and save. Templates allow you to pass in custom dynamic data to Render customized documents. Custom dynamic data can range anywhere from customer names to HTML code.

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